Business Utility Brokers

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Business Utility Brokers

Utility Services Negotiated: Electricity and Gas.

Supporting Services:

• Bill validation.
• Full account management package.
• Online access to half hourly data and consumption graphs.
• Assistance with replacement metering project.

“I particularly like the fact that they offer a full account management package for the term of the contract.” “In addition to the contract negotiation enercheck used their expertise to identify past billing errors that would otherwise have remained undetected.” “As a result of their investigation we received a refund in excess of £132K”

Stephen Massey.
Director/Company Secretary

LCP is one of the UK's largest private owners of industrial and retail property having a portfolio in excess of 14 million square feet held for long term investment purposes.
Within its extensive property portfolio, LCP are able to offer a wide range of services. Existing and prospective tenants can deal directly with the Landlord in some instances and terms can be negotiated to meet individual requirements. LCP ensures that tenants benefit from well-maintained premises and estates.