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Commercial Utility Brokers

Utility Services Negotiated: Electricity and Gas

Supporting Services:

• Bill validation.
• Full account management package.
• Online half hourly data and consumption graphs.

"As a company it is important to have a trusted adviser for the purchase of energy and for us as a foreign company in particular. Enercheck gives us this sense of trust. For questions and problems they are always at our disposal. We hope to have a long and fruitful collaboration."

Peter Verduyn
Operational Manager

Novidon Ltd. is part of the international Cosun corporation with around 4500 employees and a turnover of 1.5 billion euro. Novidon specializes in the processing and upgrading of side-stream starch. This is starch, which is released during the processing of potatoes into chips and crisps. Starch and high quality starch derivatives by Novidon are also applied in the paper industry, adhesive industry, oil industry and food-processing industry. Novidon also manufactures special products for a wide variety of applications.