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The Energy Market

Today's wholesale Energy Markets operate in a constant state of volatility producing price fluctuations during the 48 charging periods of each 24 hour day.

The range of suppliers, contract structures, terms of contract and ever changing legislation from Government makes it extremely difficult for Companies to ensure they are getting the best deal.

Recent Enercheck negotiations revealed price differentials of 4% to 15% between major suppliers on the same day.

Our Business Energy Consultants

When dealing in the Energy market place the key to successful procurement is positioning, timing and the ability to react quickly. Early price assessment is crucial and provides the first step towards taking control of your costs for your company.

In general suppliers are more than happy to offer their standard prices and contract structures upon request on the basis that the customer is unable to access alternative competitive offers.

How can Enercheck help?

Whether you want to reduce your energy prices, reduce your energy consumption or ideally both then Enercheck are able to provide a guaranteed quality service to meet your specific needs.

Contact our Energy Saving Consultants today to see how we can save your Business money on Energy Costs.